StorySeller Virtual Summit: Speaker Spotlight

StorySeller Virtual Summit: Speaker Spotlight

In my next several posts, I'll be spotlighting some of the guest speakers and interviews we have lined up for our upcoming StorySeller Virtual Summit next week on April 19-20!

Today, I'd like to highlight two of our guest speakers:

Hope Atuel, CEO of the Asian Real Estate Association of America. In my conversation with Hope, we focus on How to Better Understand and Generate Business From the Asian American Community. Topics include:

  • Demographic Trends in the Asian American Community, and why they matter
  • What's different about working with Asian Americans, and how to better serve their needs

Dr. Lawrence Yun, chief economist of the National Association of Realtors. In my conversation with Dr. Yun, we focus on How to Overcome Objections About the Current Housing Market. Topics include:

  • Top three differences between today's market and the housing bubble of 2006-2007
  • How to advise homebuyers and home sellers about today's market and what you can say to overcome their objections
  • What to tell real estate investors about current trends in rent prices and house price appreciation

What I found most compelling about my conversation with Dr. Yun is that the media news narrative about the housing market is not accurate at all and that there are real truths we can share with clients to overcome their objections and help them make smart choices. I hope you can join us at the event next week!

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