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You Need a Better StorySelling System if:

You sometimes struggle to overcome objections or get buy-in for your ideas
StorySelling can help you get more buy-in for your ideas and articulate your unique value vs. competitors in today's super-competitive market.
You want to use pre-existing human desires and habits to get better results in less time.
Why stay frustrated or stressed out if there's a better way?
You want to grow an epic business and make a meaningful difference
Victory does NOT belong to the one with the biggest megaphone. StorySelling gives you a proven system to lead your team and grow your business despite current obstacles.
Craig Strent
“Gibran delivers fresh practical insights that are very relevant to modern business leaders and sales professionals.”
Christy Soukhamneut
"Gibran has made a positive impact in people’s lives and in the mortgage industry over the years. My teams and I have benefited greatly from his training and coaching programs. I’m excited to see Gibran put his valuable StorySelling ideas into this book as a step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs and business leaders everywhere!"
Jim Brown
“During the last 10 years, Gibran’s StorySelling insights have helped my team build their personal brands and market themselves more effectively in today’s highly competitive market. He's helped many of my top producers build a consistent book of business. His StorySelling methods work for both new and experienced professionals."