How to Overcome Resistance to Your Ideas

How to Overcome Resistance to Your Ideas

Do you ever get resistance to your ideas?

I've found that when people are resistant to my ideas, they are most often exhibiting the Warrior archetype. Here are three steps I've found useful when trying to overcome that resistance:

1: Recognize and Empower the Warrior Archetype.

That’s the mode or mental state the other person is in right now. If it's a client, perhaps they’re price shopping. Maybe they’re trying to get the lowest price or the best deal, and they want to protect themselves from "greedy people" who are out to get them. If it's a team member, perhaps they're trying to protect their "turf" and they see you as an unwelcome invader. In either case, we’re the villain in the story the other person is telling themselves about the situation.

Have you ever met a client or team member like that? Someone who is just very argumentative or resistant to what you’re trying to do? In those instances, when I find myself dealing with a client or team member who is in Warrior mode, I’ve found that it’s useful to acknowledge that their fight is real and to show them how I’m on their side, fighting in the trenches with them against a common enemy.

2: Acknowledge the "Fight is Real" and Clearly Identify the Villain.

When we recognize that we’re dealing with a Warrior, the best way to win their trust is to acknowledge that their fight is real, and they are justified in feeling like they need to fight for what’s rightfully theirs. We can acknowledge the specific things that are challenging for them. We can illustrate how the market or situation is like a great battlefield or like a great competition and how hard it is to win in an environment like this. So in essence, we could position the market or the challenge as the villain in their story. Once we change the characters around, the client or teammate starts to look at us like the one trying to help them instead of the one trying to harm them.

3: Illustrate How Your Product or Idea is Like a "Magic Weapon" to Help the Client or Teammate Achieve Victory.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to Illustrate how your product or idea is like a “magic weapon” that will help the client defeat the villain, win their battle, and achieve their victory.

For more information, and a step-by-step guide to all 9 archetypes, check out The StorySeller book.