What’s Your Unique Authentic Winning Story (UAWS)?

What’s Your Unique Authentic Winning Story (UAWS)?

In my book, The StorySeller Adventures, I talk about creating your unique authentic winning story. That happens when you connect with others in a language they can understand based on their primary archetype, and in a way that’s authentic to yourself and your own primary archetype.

For example, I’ve learned that my primary archetype is that of a Scholar, and the clients I serve are primarily Warriors. The best formula for success, for me, is to give my clients what they want (tools to achieve victory) in a way that allows me to get what I want (focus my time and energy on learning and teaching).

That’s when I’m happiest, most fulfilled, and most productive as my “best self.” The biggest mistakes I’ve made in business have been when I’ve strayed too far outside of that simple formula. When I fail, it’s mostly when I get involved in business ventures that are outside my primary archetype or when I fail to communicate with my clients in a way that resonates with their primary archetype.

Of course, nobody is always one thing, and we’re all Rebels at heart. That’s why the Rebel archetype is quite possibly the most important archetype of all. The Rebel inside of us is what empowers us to get out of our comfort zone in life and business… to overthrow the old version of ourselves that’s holding us back, and to become the best version of ourselves.

So, here are my three ridiculous questions of the day:

  1. What is the best version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to be?
  2. What’s the worst-case scenario if you become that version of yourself?
  3. What are you waiting for?

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