The Warrior's Creed

The Warrior's Creed

Do you have a daily affirmation or go-to creed to help you stay focused and inspired?

I have a few that I've created over the years! I edit and swap them out depending on my current life situation or circumstance. Here's one that I use when I'm in "Warrior" mode - enjoy!

PS: Feel free to copy, paste, and edit so that it becomes more personal to you:

The Warrior's Creed (My Deal with Life):

I will live well, speak well, think well, and work well. Life will reward me with a fresh start each day, people to love and care for, and meaningful work. Life will give me the opportunity to live, love, play and learn. I will feel pleasure and pain. I will experience immense joy and immense sorrow. I will remember that Life is short. I will enjoy Life and live it to the fullest. I will make Life better for my family, my team, and my clients. I will celebrate my victories. I will learn from my failures.  

I will live a life of leadership and influence, even if I’m only a leader and influencer to myself and a few others. I will find purpose and meaning in teaching, encouraging, inspiring, and creating value... even if only for one person because that person will grow up to benefit the world. I will give 100% of myself to my work. I will be the best and "the only" at what I do. I will apologize for nothing, and I’ll require no apologies from others.  

I will play and be playful. I will fight the good fight with courage and vigor. I will run my race with relentless drive. I will bear my cross without complaining. I will die one day, like all those who came before me and all those who will come after me. Then I will be judged by my Creator. How well did I live? How deeply did I love? How much value did I create?

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