What are Archetypes, and Why do they Matter in Life and Business?

What are Archetypes, and Why do they Matter in Life and Business?

An archetype can refer to a personality type, persona, or perspective with common themes or elements. For example, consider American politics at the time of this writing. A certain set of characteristics pop into your mind when I say someone is a Republican or a Democrat. You automatically assume certain things about that person based on the archetype of the political label they wear. If you want to communicate effectively with either a Republican or a Democrat, you’ll need to appeal to what’s important to them based on their archetype, their persona, and their perspective.

In life and business, I’ve found that people exhibit certain characteristics based on their archetype, which I define as their frame of mind at the moment I encounter them. It’s not that they’re always that way in all circumstances. It’s simply that they’re that way now, based on what’s important to them at this particular time in their life or business.

For example, a Warrior is someone who is entrenched in a battle, in pursuit of victory. That’s their reality at the moment. The best way to earn their business is to give them the tools they need to win their battle and achieve their victory. An Explorer, on the other hand, is “just looking” and may be more interested in the experience of getting somewhere or shopping for something. A Ruler is most often interested in bottom-line results, and so on.

The thing is, though, that people don’t wear a label on their forehead that says, “I’m archetype X or Y. Sell to me or communicate with me in this way if you want to earn my business right now.” Or maybe they do if we look closely enough. That’s what we’re doing in The StorySeller book, blog, daily email, and podcast. We’re looking more closely at the nine most common human archetypes, and we’re exploring these archetypes in story format.

This approach will help you recognize patterns in your own life and business, as well as in the types of people you encounter. Once you recognize these patterns, you’ll be better equipped to earn their business or otherwise win their support. You’ll also be able to better understand your own experiences in the context of your own story. That’s why the lessons in The StorySeller book and daily emails will help you find more meaning in your work AND grow your business.

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