What is StorySelling?

What is StorySelling?

StorySelling is when we use the language, structure, and characters of story to sell more effectively—to sell the best version of ourselves to ourselves and to sell the best version of our ideal clients to our ideal clients. Some people call this storytelling. But I call it StorySelling because really what we're doing is selling an idea to ourselves or others using the elements of story.

A good story needs three elements: a hero, a villain, and some conflict. The best StorySellers accurately identify the heroes and villains in their own lives and in their clients’ lives. Then they create solutions to beat those villains and win the conflict. That’s what we’re focused on in my book, daily emails, blog, and podcast. We’re going to use story elements and characters to better understand ourselves, the people around us, and our experiences.

The result is that you and each member of your team will be able to use StorySelling to

  • build your personal brand and improve your sales and marketing results,
  • stand out from your competition and articulate your unique value in today’s supercompetitive market,
  • overcome roadblocks in your personal and professional relationships, and improve your communication results, and
  • gain the clarity and confidence you need to launch the next chapter of your life and business.

In my 20+ years of business experience, and 42 years of life experience, I've found that the most important stories we sell are the ones we sell ourselves. In other words, the internal conversations that take place in our hearts and minds are the most important conversations we have. That's why StorySelling can have such an incredible impact on our life, business, and relationships. When we do it right, we can achieve great things. When we do it wrong, our life, business, and relationships suffer.

The pursuit of excellence and mastery in StorySelling is therefore a life-long pursuit. We're never done learning and improving. For my part, I'm committed to sharing with you StorySelling tips and leadership insights I learn along my Journey. I'd be honored if you'd find value in this, and I salute you as my fellow traveler.

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